"Well, I am still hearing great things about your performances here in Saint-Jean Port-Joli, I do believe you were this year's favourite group!!! In French, Le coup de coeur du festival !! You will definitely be on our list of groups to ask back."
—Louise Fortin, President, Fête des chants de marins, Saint-Jean Port-Joli

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"Wow... there's something so moving about the sound of a number of people all singing a simple tune together that literally resonates in my soul. I've grown to enjoy singing very much, but usually only at work or when I am alone... this inspires me to go and find a group and join in!" 

"Fabulous concert last night! I love your harmonies, the way you build the music and also the banter between the songs. I was thinking of the relationship between music and work this afternoon, as I was kneading my bread to the rhythm of Shenendoah. I think what groups like yours and the Yarmouth group do, in keeping this part of our history alive, is essential." 

"Loved your show last night! Very enjoyable music and commentary in a unique and yet somehow appropriate venue." 

"We really enjoyed the show last evening. Each group brought its own special interpretation of the music and presentation, and the sound produced when you performed together in that great space was amazing."


"... the Saint John area's premier folk act Before the Mast makes shanties and other sea songs an art form. An a cappella group that varies  the lead and harmony voices, Before the Mast pays homage to our maritime heritage....Before the Mast is just about as energetic as a traditional sea-song singing chorus can get ..."
—Gerry Taylor, Music Columnist, Telegraph-Journal

"Before the Mast has great energy and presence on stage, rich harmonies, and
a wonderful rapport with audiences. Group members don't merely sing shanties, they live them!"
—Jean-Francois Blais, host, internet radio show Bordel de Mer